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Closing on a home purchase or sale is an exciting time... but there is so much to do! The busyness of the "process" can feel overwhelming and even discouraging, at times. It takes a village to get to the finish line and at Arizona Premier Title, we understand that. We focus on patiently guiding our customers through the process, resulting in more informed, better prepared, happy people. At Arizona Premier Title - we've got your back! Our team members are really passionate about what we do (that's part of our secret sauce). With over a century of combined industry experience, the team at Arizona Premier Title is ready to serve you.

About Us

Arizona Premier Title is owned and operated by Arizona residents. We live, work, and play in this beautiful and diverse desert. Our knowledgeable team members are passionate about providing a smooth and memorable experience. So - when you've found a place to call home in Arizona, choose local - choose Arizona Premier Title.


We offer the typical real estate closing services that buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals would expect us to offer. We know there's nothing sexy about that, but we bring it with a different way of thinking. Click below to find out more...

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We make your life a lot easier, whether you’re on the go or in the office. Our FREE app allows you access to Title Quotes, Seller Net Sheets, Loan Estimates and much more.

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